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Friday, 6 June 2014

Jobs you can do with a fashion degree

Jobs you can do with a fashion degree

With more and more people graduating from university with creative degrees, competition for the best entry-level jobs can be fierce, especially as the country is still in recovery from the credit crunch.

The best way to get your career started is to think about the other kinds of jobs for which your degree and your skills are relevant.

If you’ve got a degree in fashion there are a huge amount of options out there to choose from, any one of which can lead onto a successful and satisfying creative career.

1. Designer

For most students starting out on a fashion foundation degree, their dream will most likely be to see their creations walking down the catwalk in Paris, London or Milan.

Though you may not see your name up in lights just yet, there are a lot of fashion designer jobs out there waiting for you.

The easiest way to find a job as a designer is to apply to a large organisation with big design department. That way you’ll get the experience and the contacts you need to launch you career in fashion.

2. Stylist

Being a stylist can involve working in a number of environments from photo shoots and TV sets to boutique shops and private homes.

Although being a stylist gives you an outlet for your creativity, it’s generally not as intense as design so makes the ideal choice for graduates who are looking for a more even career-life balance.
3. Buyer

Responsible for the stock of a shop, buyers have a huge hand in creating the look and identity of a clothes store.

Whether you work in a small boutique or a large department store, becoming a buyer is the perfect choice for those who want to shape high street fashion and change the way the world dresses.

4. Costume designer

An exciting option for any fashion graduate with an interest in theatre, TV or film, costume designers can have a big impact on the final look of a production.
There are generally fewer jobs in this field, so do consider that costume design can be a difficult areas to get into.

By thinking a little bit more broadly about the fashion industry,  and spreading your net a little wider, you should be able to find a career path that gives you the perfect mix of fun, creativity, and fashion.

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