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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Look At What Goes Into Making A Perfect Student Home

Whether you're a student embarking upon your first rental adventure or a landlord keen to make the ideal rent-friendly student pad, there are a number of differences worth noting between a great student home and a great family home. The lifestyle of most students varies to most working people and the flow of a student property should differ as a result. Here, we take a look at the most important factors which contribute towards creating the ideal student property.

The Shared House Dynamic

In student accommodation, the shared living areas are arguably the most important. Rather than creating a space which is perfect for relaxing and getting cosy, many students will prefer a living space which lends itself to socialising and making friends.

The furnishing should do all it can to maintain an open plan scheme, avoiding the exclusion of any one seating area. Natural light is as important as ever, as are small house plants which are great ways to bring life into a room.

The Internet Connection

Life for many students revolves around the internet – work, play and socialising. With several occupants and friends likely to need access to the internet at the same time at regular points throughout the day, a high speed and reliable connection is absolutely essential. Whoever is responsible for establishing the internet connection should consider using a reputable supplier such as BT Home Broadband to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the student year.

Outside Space

The outside areas of student homes are often neglected by landlords, perhaps due to the short tenancy periods. Whether you're a green-fingered student who is keen to create some extra space, or a landlord looking to attract students for the coming academic year, a little work in the garden can go a long way.

A positive outside space will not only provide living space for students, but is also a great way to entertain friends. Working out in the fresh air can also be a great help to your productivity, as can any change of scenery.

Regular Cleaning

As a landlord, there is not really that much you can actually do to ensure that tenants tidy the property on a regular basis. While not all students fit into the stereotype of living in an untidy environment, those who do are probably looking to make a change. A mutual agreement for all tenants to clean as they go is not always easy to establish, but is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep a property clean and relationships stable. 

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