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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Graduate Job Market and your Rights

Today’s graduate job market is a tough one. With a steadily drying up economy, it seems as if it’s the worst time in history to be a bright graduate. But don’t fear - there is work out there!

Many of the problems in today’s graduate market occur because people simply aren’t aware of their rights when it comes to employment. If you’re a first-class honours history or geography graduate, who’s struggling to find work, the chances are, you’re not going to be up to speed on the rules and regulations concerning employment in the services industry.

Below is a quick guide to what you are entitled to and the things to watch out for when offered a job.

Minimum wage

Although the cost of living has risen greatly, minimum wages are yet to see a dramatic change. Most people who spend all day struggling to find and apply for jobs aren’t even aware of the national minimum. So here is a rundown of what you are entitled to (as of October 2012):

Workers aged 21 years or more: £6.19 per hour
Workers aged 18 to 20 inclusive: £4.98 per hour
Workers aged under 18 (but above compulsory school age): £3.68 per hour

Apprentices aged under 19: £2.65 per hour
Apprentices aged 19 and over in the 1st year of apprenticeship: £2.65 per hour

Cash in hand

If you’re offered a cash in hand job, however tempting it may be – do not take it! Paying workers cash in hand is illegal. Many employers seek to exploit the current state of the job market by not declaring some of their workers and outgoings. Also, chances are, they will be paying you under minimum wage by doing so.

Proper training at all times

Wherever you are working, proper training must be given at all times. If not, potential injuries could occur as a result. This can be anything, from operating machinery, to working in a kitchen environment.

Should anything happen to you in the workplace where you are not at fault, a company such as Injury Lawyers 4U should be contacted immediately, and a claim made against your employer. You should never be afraid to do so, as employers have a duty of care to all of their workers. Any accident which is caused through negligent action or miscommunication should be reported and compensation claimed. These costs are usually recovered from the business’ insurance policy and will prompt companies to review their health and safety practices for the benefit of all employees and staff.


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