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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Good leadership skills

Good leadership skills

While education and training are important in order to be a successful manager, the journey doesn’t stop when you get your qualifications. In reality, the journey is just beginning because being a good manger is largely down to the experience you gain along the way.

It is likely that you have had experience of working for both good and bad managers. If you thing about the characteristics which place effective and poor leaders into different camps, you’ll probably find that they are simple. If you are aiming to reach management level in your career, you want to be the best leader you can be.

After all, a good manager means a happy work place.

Knowing your stuff

How much your work environment changes depends on the sector you are working in. But one thing is certain; your professional terrain will include change at some point or another so you need to have the skills and knowledge which will help you and your team make the transition as painlessly as possible.

Leadership and management courses Suffolk provides valuable training for developing these managerial skills. Study changes in your sector until you know them inside out and assess how they will affect your business in the future.

Once you have done this, take the necessary course of action to be as prepared as possible.

People person

It is not necessary to be friends with members of your team but you will need their respect if you want work to flow as easily as possible. Similarly, being respected does not mean being feared – a mistake that some managers make. If you choose to manage employees through being intimidating, you will only breed resentment and lose team members.

Be sympathetic but firm with staff and make sure that they have a forum for airing their opinions and views on the work environment and projects. They will appreciate you for it.

Clear vision

If you are keen to go into management, one quality you will need is the ability to react to unexpected situations calmly. Change may occur in your workplace or wider sector overnight or from one day to the next. If new ways of dealing with a situation are needed, embrace them with a level head.

Remember, it is easier to follow a calm leader with a clear vision.

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