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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Looking for a new job? Why it might be time you gave niche job boards a go…!

When the time comes to track down a new job when you graduate, it can be hard to know where  to start. From the old classics like Monster and Total Jobs to more tailored job boards and social networks like LinkedIn, there are now more places to find jobs than ever before so how do you keep up? Are some job boards better than others? And how do you know which is the right one for you?

The first thing I’m going to tell  you is you need to forget about the big online job sites – they’re just not that relevant anymore. While generic job boards like Jobsite were popular in the 1990s, it’s now niche job boards that are really leading the way when it comes to getting a new job with some of the biggest brands. Unlike generic job boards, niche job boards only focus on a particular industry – this means that rather than just covering jobs from all over the market, they only ever advertise jobs in their particular niche.

The pros? The jobs on their boards are normally much more relevant to their target audience, and the fact they’re one of only a few job boards that advertise vacancies in their sector means they tend to attract some of the biggest names in their industry. This means that rather seeing an endless stream of jobs from the same old recruiters, you should be able to find unique jobs on niche job boards from key names that you actually want to work for. In turn, this means that you should be able to put together a better application which should give you a better chance of securing the job.

What’s more, because niche job boards only focus on a particular sector, they tend to be able to provide better, more specific advice for their candidate job seekers. Take the digital sector for example; rather than dishing out the same old CV and interview advice, here at Bubble Jobs we actually give our candidates advice on how to set our their social media CV and how to go about getting work experience in the digital sector –  in theory, the more specific the advice, the more helpful job seekers will find it. This means that in addition to finding great jobs, when you use niche online jobs board you also get amazing, FREE on-topic advice – double win!

Anything else? Well, because niche job boards only focus on one particular sector of the market, they have got a unique perspective of their niche. They know which particular jobs in the sector are in demand at the moment and which jobs have fallen out of favour – this means they can advise you on which particular areas to focus your applications on, depending on the type of role you’re looking for. Similarly, because they have only one industry area to focus on, they usually have amazing blogs which feature the latest industry news and comment – this makes them a great resource for any graduate job seeker looking to break into the industry.

So there you have it; while generic job boards have their own appeal, it’s sites like Bubble that have something different and more specific to offer graduate job seekers that are looking to break into their chosen industry.

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Amy Edwards works for Bubble Jobs, an online jobs board that specialises in advertising the latest online, eCommerce, digital, online marketing and web development and design vacancies from all over the UK and Europe.

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